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General Game Information
Title of the game : DiscStorm
Publisher : XMPT Games
Developer : Mastertronic
Save game status : 100% Complete
Platform : PC Games
Upload by : SaveGames.Us
Save game download file name : DiscStorm PC Saved games by savegames.us.rar
Save game download file size : KB

DiscStorm Save Game Description
The game done 100 % Complete

How to Instal DiscStorm Save Game (Installation Location)
After download the save game you need to unzip or unrar the file in the game folder below
DiscStorm save game location For Windows XP / 7 / 8 ( file / folder )

DiscStorm Gameplay or Description
DiscStorm is an inoffensive piece of work made by a small team of independent developers making their debut release. Compared to other multiplayer games at this price point, DiscStorm doesn’t really do anything to surpass its competitors. It’s a thirty second YouTube magic trick, presented as a ten minute live show. Download save game Via Zippyshare
Download save game Via Google Drive (Not available Yet)

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