NieR: Automata Save Game 100% Complete : Here is Save game for NieR: Automata
General Game Information
Title of the game : NieR: Automata
Publisher : Square Enix
Developer : Platinum Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Save game status : 100% Complete
Platform : PC Games
Upload by : SaveGames.Us
Save game download file name : NieR: Automata saved games by
Save game download file size : 0 KB

NieR: Automata Save Game Description
The game done 100 % Complete
Savegame for NieR: Automata
– The game done 100%!
– All 17 chapters done

How to Instal NieR: Automata Save Game (Installation Location)
After download the save game you need to unzip or unrar the file in the game folder below
NieR: Automata save game location For Windows XP / 7 / 8 ( file / folder )
Savegame maked on game with CODEX tablet!
Copy files from archive to Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata

NieR: Automata Gameplay
Download save game Via Zippyshare
Download save game Via Google Drive

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